Join our Batemans webinar

Coming to a screen wherever you are… our very first free Batemans Webinar. 

Please save the date, Saturday 26 September at 11am, when we will be broadcasting a special event that you will be able to join via Zoom. 

Yes, we are going live – and it could be in your home, office, garden, anywhere you have a good wifi connection. 

You can gather in your social or family bubbles to watch on your iPads, phones or personal computers. Why not put the kettle on and bring out the cake to enjoy as you join us! 

It’s as simple as 1,2,3 . . . 

1. Log in using the details we will send out

Our founder Alex Jacob will greet you in person on screen with a warm welcome before bringing you up to date with the latest from Batemans/Satkaarya. 

2. The big event

A fascinating insight into the designs for the new school and  home with the exciting drawings and ideas brought up on your screen. 

Our architect Paul Crosby will talk you through them, bringing to life the future for our children. We’re sure his enthusiasm, expertise and foresight will have you enthralled. 

Using his on-screen cursor he’ll point out where the children will walk through from home to school, where they will play and study, and where our staff will work. 

You’ll wander virtually along the airy verandas, exclaim at the well-planned open space for performances, and delight in the surrounding grounds. 

You’ll see visuals showing the heritage that forms the shaping of the naturally air cooled buildings and accessible space we’re developing. 

Thanks to Zoom technology there’s room for all, so we’d love it if you would encourage all your friends and family to ‘Zoom’ in. 

3. How to Zoom

To join, simply send an acceptance email to and all the logging on details will be sent to you to use and share. 

We look forward to seeing you there – and please invite your friends and family to join too!