What we do

We support the most disadvantaged children and young people in Chennai. By providing safe accommodation, food, healthcare, education and vocational training, we give these children the power to change their lives and the lives of the people around them. Once employed they are able to support their families and end the cycle of poverty for future generations. Without this care, these children and their families will continue to live a life of hardship with few prospects and little hope.


Our Open School helps those children who struggle in mainstream education, supporting them through necessary exams into higher education or vocational training. We pay for the salaries and continued professional development of our highly-motivated local teachers. For those children at local schools, the trust provides school fees, school uniforms and text books. We also provide skills training in tailoring and computing.


We are committed to providing a nutritional diet, a constant supply of clean water, nursing care, regular dental check-ups and improved sanitation facilities for all children in our care.

Home life

Some children come to us in need of a safe place to live. We aim to make our hostels a real home-from-home, where our children and young people can feel safe and secure and learn to live as part of a caring community. The trust pays for rent and qualified and caring staff to run the hostels.

Quality of life

We make a huge difference towards the quality of life of our children. The trust offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, computer facilities, new clothes at Christmas, annual outings, sporting equipment and props and sets for drama and musical productions.

Read about some of the children we’ve helped here: Download ‘Batemans Children’ PDF