Generous support in Chennai

Thanks to the hard work of our team in Chennai, Christmas, New Year and the celebration of Pongal was as busy a time for our youngsters as ever.

The children were treated to a special dinner out by local sponsors on Christmas Day. They then celebrated Pongal having fun and games at our lovely Sendrambakkam land site, which will be home to our new school.

While building work on our school site at Sendrambakkam has not started due to the pandemic, it provides a lovely spacious, open and private ground out of the city for the children to enjoy and they travelled there for the day to celebrate Pongal.

As well as the children being given sets of new clothes and undergarments by local supporters, one of our long-term trustees and supporter, Natasha Conlon – with the help of her friend Mrs Sunith – organised a ceramic Christmas ornaments painting and decorating workshop especially for our children.

A table-tennis set has been donated so the children can now enjoy some ping-pong too.

The picture shows a tug of war taking place in the grounds of our Sendrambakkam site, during a day of games and festivities to mark Pongal.