Fundraising snippets

In July ten people enjoyed a stroll along the Brightlingsea waterfront in Essex to visit the Batemans Tower.  Although the tower’s name has nothing to do with our charity, supporter Anne Fitzgerald decided it was a perfect excuse for a little fundraiser, providing a slap-up afternoon tea in her garden afterwards and raising a fantastic £200.

In May, a very successful plant and cake sale in Essex raised nearly £1,500, shared between the local church Ukrainian support group, MSUK and Batemans. Another similar event is being held on the morning of Saturday August 20 at St John’s Church in Chelmsford. It is being advertised as an opportunity to fill gaps left by plants defeated by the hot weather and scorching sunrays.

A curry night is being scheduled in Cambridge for later this year, and a quiz night in Chelmsford on November 12… we’ll keep you posted!