Sunrise on the sea

For a special treat the older girls were taken out recently to reward all their studying and help in the hostel while other children enjoyed a trip out to the seaside to watch dawn rise over the sea.

Our mission is to support our children in developing as all-round citizens. This is why extra-curricular clubs are run at the weekend so that they get some relief from their hectic school schedule and expand their interests.

Each child can participate in any two clubs. The clubs include art, craft, dance, cooking, eco club, sewing, computer, enterprise/ business and media.

Schooling continues to go well and 34 children, both boys and girls, have been enrolled in Emmanuel Methodist School and are transported together in our Batemans bus.

Most of those who finished 10th grade are continuing school into 11th grade, while those who have completed 12th grade are now applying to go to college.

Meanwhile, two new students, aged 12 and 15, have been admitted into our girls home and are settling down well in their new environment.