More books please!

Books, for learning and pleasure, have always gone hand in hand for Batemans-Satkaarya. So it was no surprise to receive a request for more group books for the hostel.

However, it was  a complete surprise to learn that one of the young women we support, Jestina, has been awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Shri Krishnaswamy College for Women for her role in a workshop called ‘Read, Learn and Thrive’. It was a delight, too, to learn that fellow alumnus Yuvasree is about to complete her BA in English Literature.

Jestina also uses her skills to help junior girls in the hostel and has always emphasised that all the years of learning at Batemans‑Satkaarya and the wonderful reading experiences from the collection of books that she had over the years has helped her to become what she is today.

Meanwhile, Yuvasree has also motivated and encouraged many of her peers at her College to read books. She has always considered herself very privileged to have had access to a variety of books in the hostel library which helped widen her horizons and enhance her creative abilities.

Watch Yuvasree talking about her experiences here.