Go on – sponsor an onion, or two, or three or more!

Our biggest annual fundraiser is approaching fast… the Batemans food stall at Truck Festival in Oxfordshire.

Each year, led by Batemans founder Alex Jacobs, around 40 (yes 40!) volunteers help to ensure it is consistently successful.

Planning, shopping, chopping, more chopping, cooking, stirring, more chopping, serving… it’s a non- stop workout. But it really delivers.

If you are not able to hold or help at a fundraiser here’s a way you can help, and without having to don an apron or shed tears from chopping onions!  Simply donate some money to help fund the cost of creating a wonderful food outlet. Your donation could help pay for dozens of onions, peppers, leeks, aubergines and potatoes for this fantastic fundraiser.

Last year Batemans raised more than £10,000 at Truck. With your help we can hopefully raise even more in 2024.

You can make a donation via our website www.batemans.org.uk/donating.