Success is a word we love and we thank you for it!

As the school year wraps up in Chennai, we are pleased to report on excellent progress for all the girls at school.

This is progress that would not have occurred were it not for the Batemans sponsors and supporters ensuring the children have a secure home and good education.

For the older girls there are two major levels of public exams they need to pass:

  • 10th grade exams at 15 years old to finish high school and progress to higher secondary; and
  • 12th grade exams at 17 years old to finish higher secondary and move on to College/University.

This year two of our girls, Eswari and Jacintha, passed their 10th grade and three girls, Nivetha, Mariyammal and Zubaidha, passed their 12th grade and won places in higher education colleges.

Nivetha and Mariyammal will study for a BA in English while Zubaidha has been accepted for a BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration).