Fundraising events get underway again

We are delighted that, despite pandemic restrictions, and thanks to your support, we remain financially stable.

With the easing of restrictions, some of our regular fundraising events are returning, with the first of 2022 being a clothes swapping event in Cambridge in February – organised by trustee Amanda Morris-Drake – which raised several hundred pounds. If you’d like advice on holding a fundraising event for Batemans do get in touch.

Looking further ahead, the Batemans catering stall is booked for its traditional outing at the Truck Festival in Oxfordshire in July. The picture above shows two of our supporters doing their thing at the event back in 2014!

Hitting the thousands

Madeline Peters organised various amazing fundraisers in 2021, from baking cakes, selling flowers and bunting, to running a half-marathon. Her fantastic, and continuing efforts, have raised more than £1,000 towards Batemans’ Grand 100 total.

Meanwhile, to mark her 80th birthday, long-term supporter Helen Fletcher has also raised more than £1,000 for Batemans. Unfortunately, like so many, she had to self- isolate for a while. But the great news is that, during her isolation, Helen used her creative skills to design and print greeting cards to sell for Batemans, adding to her fundraising total.



Generous support in Chennai

Thanks to the hard work of our team in Chennai, Christmas, New Year and the celebration of Pongal was as busy a time for our youngsters as ever.

The children were treated to a special dinner out by local sponsors on Christmas Day. They then celebrated Pongal having fun and games at our lovely Sendrambakkam land site, which will be home to our new school.

While building work on our school site at Sendrambakkam has not started due to the pandemic, it provides a lovely spacious, open and private ground out of the city for the children to enjoy and they travelled there for the day to celebrate Pongal.

As well as the children being given sets of new clothes and undergarments by local supporters, one of our long-term trustees and supporter, Natasha Conlon – with the help of her friend Mrs Sunith – organised a ceramic Christmas ornaments painting and decorating workshop especially for our children.

A table-tennis set has been donated so the children can now enjoy some ping-pong too.

The picture shows a tug of war taking place in the grounds of our Sendrambakkam site, during a day of games and festivities to mark Pongal.



A very Happy New Year to all our supporters

We wish you all the very best of health and happiness as we move into 2022 and hopefully better times for all.

After a third wave of the Covid pandemic hit Chennai before Christmas, causing another lockdown of schools and colleges, the  good news is that all schools are due to reopen this month. In addition, everyone aged more than 15 years old is being vaccinated.

Could you sponsor Mahesh?

Batemans’ children are getting back to school! After studying online for the past 20 months – supported by our team in Chennai – early years’ children and students studying up to 11th standard (the equivalent of GCSEs in the UK) are travelling to their schools again for face-to-face teaching.

Thanks to your support, we currently have 24 girls and 16 boys in our care. One boy who joined us in June is 12-year-old Mahesh, pictured above centre. After his single mother sought help from the Chennai Child Welfare Board for the care and education of her children, Mahesh was referred on to our Batemans-Satkaarya team, who report that he has settled in well.

If you would be interested in sponsoring Mahesh or any of our children, it costs £15 a month. Follow this link to find out more.

Fundraisers show their support

It’s been a great year for supporters making generous donations and finding innovative ways to raise money – from children putting on plays and running outdoor cake stalls to a midwife cycling the length of Great Britain!

Year 10 students at St Mary’s School, Ascot, have raised thousands of pounds this term, trustee Marion Mills set herself a walking target while Vinod Hallam and his wife Angela took to their gym bikes to pound out the miles for Batemans. And you can still sponsor supporter Sarah Barry who has definitely caught the marathon running bug.

Last weekend saw a successful fundraising quiz night in Cambridge, while in Chelmsford a group of supporters are preparing special Batemans Advent Treat boxes for delivery before the start of December.

If you are planning an activity and would like some advice on how best to maximise the opportunity – or have photos of an activity you’ve been involved in – please contact

Annual printed newsletter coming soon!

The annual Batemans printed newsletter will be delivered in the next few weeks, including more fundraising reports and lots of news from Chennai.

Also included will be our annual wish list, which is a great way to support the project. And if you sponsor a child, there’s an opportunity to buy a special new Christmas outfit for them.  If you don’t want to wait for the printed version, you can complete the online wish list now by following this link.

If you think we might not have your home address, please let us know by emailing

Architects finalise new building plans

Our project to build a new school in Chennai is gathering momentum again, with city planners back in operation after closing during lockdown.

Clarifications have finally been given on the complex building regulations and we are close to submitting our final building designs, in partnership with a local architect. It’s great to know we have sufficient funds in place to start the first phase of the building project once planning permission is granted.

Work on developing our business plan and curriculum is well underway and we are now looking for a project development officer to work in Chennai and spearhead the initial phase.

See our webinar, ‘Turning a dream into a reality’, to find out more.

Countdown to a new school – read our latest educational plan

A team of Batemans trustees has been working hard on setting out the future plans for our new school in Chennai, India.

The vision for the Satkaarya school reflects the transformational aims of India’s 2020 National Education Policy, providing inclusive, equitable and quality education in accordance with the UN’s 2030 development goals.

The principles at the heart of the vision include:

  • In a safe environment, we aim for children to develop high levels of communication, whether this is through the development of literacy, numeracy, IT or artistic expression; and
  • We aim to develop the unique character and potential of each child where they can feel emotionally secure through an advocacy of compassion and care, throughout their learning environment.

The charity’s curriculum committee includes two former head teachers and others with extensive experience in education. Trustee Marion Mills presented an overview of the plans at the annual Batemans Spice Lunch in September.

See the slides here, and if you would like further information please contact Marion.